Sinterklaas in Giethoorn  

It is almost December and that means that Sinterklaas is also visiting the Netherlands with his helpers. Sinterklaas is a typical Dutch tradition. Of course Sinterklaas also brings a festive visit to Giethoorn, so you don't have to miss this festive day during your holiday or weekend away!

November 23 is the day that Sinterklaas arrives with his steamboat in Giethoorn. At 13:30 the entry party will start with music and lots of fun. The steamboat is expected to arrive at 2 p.m on the Kade at the Hylkema Bouevard in Giethoorn. When Sinterklaas has arrived with all his helpers, we all go to the Kulturhus in Giethoorn. The best children's party of the year is provided here! There is singing and dancing, pictures can be made with Sinterklaas and there is of course something delicious for everyone. Around 15:15 we say goodbye to Sinterklaas and at 15:45 the party ends in the Kulturhus.

Sinterklaas and his helpers also come to Vakantiepark Giethoorn between 3 and 4 pm. This is where the Sinterklaas Burger Party takes place, suitable for young and old. Click here to register, so you don't have to miss this party!