Enjoy a cruise in Giethoorn

Get aboard! 

If you are staying at Holiday Park Giethoorn it is definitely wort hwhile to book a tour to explore Giethoorn by boat. 

A canal cruise in Giethoorn will leave a deep impression on you, because although the village is special in itself due to its many canals, it is also very characteristic for its numerous arched bridges and many thatched farmhouses. The nickname Hollands-Venice is not for nothing, because you actually imagine yourself to be in Venice, but from its own soil. In short, a cruise in Giethoorn is an absolute must. You are going to enjoy!

Tip: Even when it is cold you can enjoy the heated covered canal boats and explore the beautiful surroundings. Also in autumn and winter Giethoorn and surroundings are beautiful!

Book a canal cruise with your stay now. You will find the canal cruise under the heading Art & Culture.